Sourcing Our Reforestation with ICE
and Other Local Nurseries


Hacienda Rio Coté is proud to partner with several local nurseries in Costa Rica to obtain the thousands of saplings necessary to reforest our hundreds of acres of land. When we began planting in 2007, our first saplings came from the Codeforsa Nursery and from La Reserva Nursery.

Beginning in 2008, we began working with the nurseries run by Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), Costa Rica’s government-owned electric company who also oversees all renewable energy projects in Costa Rica. ICE runs the Institutional Program for Climate Change, of which one component is its nursery and forestry plantations. They run their own reforestation and wildlife protection projects as well as provide free trees for other local reforestation projects.

ICE was particularly happy to help with the HRC reforestation projects because we are reforesting watershed, one of their primary goals. The tree donations we’ve received from their inspiring 180,000-tree nursery have greatly accelerated our work at HRC.


Tree Species at Hacienda Rio Coté

Trees from Codeforsa Nursery
Almandero; Elan Elan; Cedar Amargo; Cortesa Amarillo; Pino; Danto Amarillo; Llama el Bosque; Cocoa; Pilon; Poro; Cebo; Cocbola; Camibar; Cacha; Sopa Caballo; Cirraca; Guanacaste; Eucalyptus; Roble Sabana

Trees from La Reserva Nursery
Burio – Hampea appendiculata (Doll’s Eyes); Cacao – Theobroma Cacao (Chocolate); Ceiba – Ceiba Pantandra (Kapok Tree); Chanco Blanco – Vochysia Guatemalensis; Cirri – Guatteria Tonduzii; Cirri Amarillo; Danto Espino o Amarillo-Sideroxylon Capiri (Tempisque); Escobillo; Gavilan – Pentaclethra Macroloba (Pentaclethra); Gavilancillo – Fabaceae/Mimosoidae – Pentaclethra; Guaba – Inga Golmanii (Guaba Amarillo); Guajiniquil – Inga; Guanacaste – Enterolobium Cyclocarpum; Guarumo – Cecropia; Hojancha – Cleidion Castaneifolium; Huevos de Caballo-Stemmadenia donnel-smithii (Bijarro); Jelinjoche – Pachira Aquatica (Provision Tree); Lagartillo; Laurel – Cordia Alliodora; Muneco – Cordia Erostigma; Murta; Ojoche – Brosimum (Breadnut); Pavillo; Uruca – Trichilia Havanensis; Vainillo – Tecoma Stans (Yellow Elder); Yos – Sapium Allenii; Zorillo

Trees from ICE Nursery
Cedio Amargo; Roble Sabana; Corteza Morado; Laurel; Cocobolo; Sota Caballo; Caua Fistula; Guanacaste; Guanacaste Blanco; Ceuizauo; Caoba; Lorito