Animals of Hacienda Rio Cote

Costa Rica is blessed with a rich diversity of animals. As the rain forest returns to the land at Hacienda Rio Coté, so too do the animals. We regularly see capuchin and howler monkeys, bats, snakes, parrots, toucans, white eagles, hawks, hummingbirds, leafcutter ants, coatis, kinkajous, iguanas, and many other animals at HRC. And in the years to come as our saplings mature and become part of the rain forest, we hope to see evidence of the return of rare and less conspicuous animals such as sloths, anteaters, margay cats, jaguarundis, and the endangered tapir. On our lands that have not yet been reforested, we practice “carbon farming” – livestock grazing arrangements that mimic the patterns of wild herd movements for soil sequestering of carbon. Our pastures are home to cattle, horses, and oxen. Read more about carbon farming on our Carbon Farming and Carbon Sequestration page.