Lake Coté UFO


Lake Coté, known to the indigenous Maleiku of Costa Rica as the “heart” of their sacred lands and part of the region where their shamans were initiated, may have other mystical phenomena associated with it as well.

On September 4, 1971, a Costa Rican government survey aircraft flying over Lake Coté as part of a grid survey of the entire region snapped a photo that has been lauded as one of the best pieces of evidence of the existence of alien spacecraft ever documented. The plane was automatically snapping photos every set number of seconds as it maintained a constant altitude and none of the 4-man crew reported any unusual sightings during the course of their survey flight. It wasn’t until the photos were being reviewed later that the inexplicable was discovered.

UFO over Lake Coté

UFO over Lake Coté


Much research has been done on the photo, including an in-depth scientific analysis by Richard Haines and Jacques Vallee published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 1989. Because of the survey plane’s constant altitude, they were able to calculate the exact diameter of the object in the photo as 683 feet—that’s longer than 2 football fields!

And if further evidence is found, or the UFO itself is discovered in the depths of Lake Coté, you can be sure HRC’s sponsor Inner Traditions will publish a book on it to add to our library of UFO research!


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